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Past Events

Looking Back

Taking a look back at the fabulous events, we've produced/curated over the past five years...

Lost in Tib Street Poster Correct date.png

Lost in Tib Street

November 2022 & July 2023

Ember & the Vixens (Manchester Art Gallery)

April 2023

The Formidable Lizzie Boone poster (Graphic Designer Bev Acton).jpg

The Formidable Lizzie Boone

September 2021 - March 2023

Ember & the (valentine's) vixens.png

Ember & the Valentine's Vixens

February 2023

ACE Logo Poster Ember & the vixens Festive foxes.png

Ember & the Vixens: Festive Foxes

Ember & the Vixens

December 2022

August 2022

Fruit Salad

September 2021


October 2019
August 2018

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